3 Smart SEO Solutions to Help Your Website Rank

April 4, 2018 / Kevin Abrams

You create content, optimize it like a boss, and put it into the world. And you’re still struggling to rank. If this sounds like a familiar pattern, you might be getting frustrated with SEO solutions. Don’t admit defeat yet – you need SEO now more than ever. There are over two billion people online. And 91 percent of their experiences begin with a search engine.

In other words? They’re looking for the content you have to offer them. You just have to reach them. The truth is you haven’t tried all your SEO tricks yet. Read on for three tips to superstar SEO.

1. Work Your Sitelink Ordering

Google Search Results for "Express" highlighting sitselinks below the retailers results.

Express has sitselinks below their Organic Search Result.

I know. I hear you. What the what is sitelink ordering?

In plain English, sitelinks are a SERP listing format showing your website’s main page as well as targeted internal links under the main entry.

These only display for branded or navigational queries – Express , for example, has sitelinks, but Coca-Cola doesn’t. That’s because people who type in Coca-Cola usually aren’t looking for the company website.

To answer your question: no, you can’t control sitelinks.

What you can do is make sure you have a clear website structure and Sitemap. This makes it easier for Google’s algorithm to figure out how to generate sitelinks. Learn more about onsite SEO.

2. Earn Your Inbound Links

Let’s cut to the chase: don’t buy inbound links.

I know it’s tempting. Inbound links are kind of like a lottery ticket. Google loves it when the quality and quantity of your inbound links is high.

Here’s the thing: buying and selling site links are against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. And yes, they will know – search engines these days are smarter at spotting shady links. Just don’t do it. Google will punish you for it.

So what’s a savvy content creator to do instead? Create quality content. The kind that wins over readers and wins you links – not because you shelled out for it, but because the content is just that good.

Lost on the whole link building thing? We’ve got a post for that – Five reasons to outsource your link building.

Because let’s get real. Nobody’s got time for sloppy SEO.

3. Create a Structured Data Highlighter

No, not like the highlighters you used in college. These are so much better.

Here’s the drool-worthy truth about structured data: sites with it rank a whopping four positions higher.

Oh, and it’s also a wide-open field: 36 percent of Google’s search results are snippets derived from structured data, yet only .3 percent use it. Think about that. Less than one percent of websites. For 36 percent of Google’s search results.

Want to know what’s even better? Setting it up is a breeze. Go to Google’s Webmaster Tools. Click Search Appearance, then Data Highlighter, then Start.

Bam. Done.

Now, you’re going to have to spend a few minutes of quality time learning the tool and adding structured data to your pages. But all told, it’s one of those great SEO solutions with a huge ROI.

Get Smart about SEO Solutions

SEO doesn’t have to cost you hours of stress. Nor does your website and social media management. Good thing we’ve got your back.

To discuss with us about how to bring out your website’s awesomeness, schedule a consultation with us. Did we mention it’s totally free?

Ready to get your fantastic idea off the ground? Contact us today!

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