5 Surprising Things Zapier Integration Can Do for Your Website

May 17, 2018 / Kevin Abrams

Sick of copying and pasting information from one platform to another? Tired of hacking several solutions to get your applications to work together?

There is another way. Welcome to the world of the Zapier integration.

Using integrations lets you automate common processes, linking separate programs together. There are integrations between over 1000 apps.

Put simply, you’re giving Zapier a set of blueprint instructions for cause and effect. When X happens in app A (the cause), the Zapier integration will do Y in app B (the effect).

Each instruction is called a Zap. It lets you program sophisticated links without needing a scrap of code.

Let’s look at 5 integrations you can set up on your website.

1) Turn Responses in Google Forms into Trello Cards

Trello is fantastic as a way to organize your workflow. Use it as a kanban system to help you keep track of the stages of a project.

Or use it as a place to store all of your content marketing ideas.

Do you use it as a project management tool? There’s a Zapier integration that can save you time.

Set up a Google Form on your website to collect information from your clients (or prospects) about new projects. Create a Zap to turn those answers into Trello cards.

It’ll save you from copying and pasting their answers. While you’re busy finishing other projects, Zapier gets everything ready so you can fire up Trello and get to work.

2) Greet New Subscribers with Personal Emails, Not Autoresponders

We all know how great automated emails can be. A visitor lands on your website, signs up for your lead magnet and enters your email series.

But with all the best will in the world, those automatic emails can often end up in the promotional tab.

Set up a Zap between Mailchimp and your email provider. Send a personalized welcome email direct to their inbox.

You’ll prime the subscriber to open your emails, meaning you’re less likely to end up in the promo tab or worse — the spam folder.

3) Monitor Social Media For ‘Mentions’ of Your Brand

Social media is a crucial aspect of your business – you need to know what people are saying about you. That’s important if people have complaints you should address.

But it takes time and energy to monitor every channel. Enter Zapier! Set up an integration so it monitors the platforms that matter to your brand.

It can export those mentions to Google Sheets. Follow up with potential leads, manage complaints, or thank those who send compliments!

4) Improve Your Customer Support

If you sell things through your website, you might find things occasionally go wrong. Customers need to log support tickets to get back on track.

Use a Zap to turn a Zendesk support ticket into a GitHub message for your technical support team.

5) Add Customers to Your Email List

If you sell through WooCommerce, you might be tired of manually adding customers to your email list.

Save yourself the trouble and use a Zap to turn purchasers into subscribers. Go one step further and add them to a segment of your email list. Then you can send specific content to proven customers who are more likely to buy again than cold leads.

Setting Up a Zapier Integration Needn’t Be Difficult

But we recognize it sometimes can be. Even though getting Zapier up and running will save you time, in the long run, you may not have time to get it synchronized right now.

If that’s the case, then contact us. We’d be happy to get you started.

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