How to Add a “Wow” Factor to Your Social Marketing Campaigns

July 16, 2017 / Kevin Abrams

It’s impossible to deny the impact that social media can have on a business. With almost 2 billion people on Facebook alone, there’s a need for companies to have a social presence.

Striking the right tone and really capturing an audience is often harder than many think. Especially when you’re competing with thousands of others business — some even locally.

That’s why you’ll need to add a little pizazz to your next social marketing campaigns.

Not sure what to do?

Here are some easy ways you can blow your demographic away with your next move.

1. Go Live

One of the most popular social media trends of the last year is Facebook Live. It’s an easy to use videotool that lets users share live video to their friends and followers.

What does this mean for your business?

It means that you now have a chance to directly interact with your customers! People tend to get skeptical when they’re buying from a large, faceless corporation. Now is your chance to put faces to the products.

And you don’t have to be a professional videographer to participate in the live video craze. In fact, most videos are shot directly from users’ cell phones.

All you need is a few minutes of your time, a cell phone or webcam, and your audience’s attention.

Try to post ahead of time so your audience will know when you’re about to go live.

And just like with your written content, consistency is key. Try and make a habit out of it and go live at least twice a month.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not Spielberg or Tarantino. What counts is that you’re interacting with your customers directly and fostering relationships.

2. Diversify Your Channels

Facebook is a great resource, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to one social media channel. After all, there are a lot of ways to reach your audience with social marketing campaigns. The more profiles you have, the better your chance of reaching them.

These days, audiences tend to gravitate toward shorter content, like on Snapchat. And Snapchat’s CEOs, not one to miss a great idea, understood that their platform is great for brands.

Next time you’re on Snapchat, look at your stories feed. You’ll see sites like Buzzfeed and The New York Times are using short-form content to reach the masses.

Of course, there’s also Twitter, which has its own set of video features.

Twitter is a great platform for those who want to reach out to a mobile audience. The company’s own research shows that 90% of views come from a mobile device.

3. Create a Contest

Here’s an oldie that’s still effective: create a contest for your audience.

Promote your contest on your social channels, and give users a heads up. Your prize doesn’t need to be costly, just fun and enticing.

You could offer a sneak peak at a new product or a discount on your services, for instance.

Contests are a great way to encourage participation among your audience and foster a sense of community. After all, it’s that sense of community that draws us to social media.

Get Help With Your Social Marketing Campaigns

If you’re still having trouble with your social marketing campaigns, don’t be afraid to get some outside help. Sometimes a fresh set of opinions can make a difference.

Trust the pros at Digital Renegades to elevate your brand to the level it deserves.

If you are not convinced or not sure if social media is right for your business, checkout our article Why Should My Business Have Social Media?

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