Why Should My Business Have Social Media?

July 9, 2017 / Jake Albion

Social media builds your online presence.

First of all, social media is not just for recreation it’s also a tool for businesses. The statistics show that 62% of all adults 65 and older were using Facebook to stay connected with their families. In the 2016 study the number has increased for all demographics. Due to this social media has created a community that extends the power of “word of mouth.”

People use social media to communicate around the world.

People use social media to communicate with friends, family and businesses across the world !

A strong social media presence allows businesses to build their brand by participating in their customers lives and build a stronger presence online. Consumers connect with businesses by asking questions and sharing their experiences. Those shared experiences result in valuable user-generated content. Social media is a venue where people share their experiences of your service whether your business uses it! It is better to create a presence that allows you to cultivate a strong reputation.

Which social media platforms should I be on?

Each platform is different in how they tell stories and share information which attracts different users.

Over 67% of twitter users are likely to buy from a brand they follow

Let’s compare Twitter to Pinterest. Twitter focuses on sharing information quickly. The whole message is limited to a mere 140 typed characters.  The general characteristics of this audience are men in business who like news quick and summarized, which explains the 140 character limit. Pinterest serves a difference audience. Pinterest’s primary users are women who use photographs and images to create mood and idea boards. They often make these boards for inspiration for activities like wedding dresses, recipes, and craft projects.

The goal for a business is to grow their audience by connecting with customers with interesting content. Customers enjoy content that help them relate to your business or products. Audience characteristics are broad generalizations of the types of people who use each platform. A business can effectively use social media  to post content that will attract, nurture and convert new readers to new customers.

What are the next steps?

Social media is an investment. It can be rewarding for your business with the right strategy. Decide if your business can invest the time it takes to research, plan, create and execute a consistent strategy. Researching your competitors will help you understand what makes them successful. Plan a strategy for the best way to share a message that will engage your target audience. Your audience wants to learn more about you. Most of all they want to see video, pictures and interesting articles they can relate with or share. Finally, have a clear message and create content for your plan and add it to a calendar using a scheduling tool.

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Jake Albion

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