Digital Renegades Celebrates Google Partner Certification

August 24, 2023 / Kevin Abrams

Digital Renegades + Google Partnership = True Love

Tech giant Google is a household name and trusted brand for millions of users worldwide. Google services and ads help drive businesses of all sizes, great and small, to increase consistent traffic, gain more profitable sales, and help maintain sustainable R.O.I. In a match made in heaven, Digital Renegades is proud to announce our re-certification as a Google Partner!

What IS Google Partner Certification?

Google Partner Certification is a program that, according to their website, ” enables our partners to deliver the transformational power of Google Cloud, by providing the resources to help them thrive, the flexibility to choose their own path, and rewards for achieving the highest quality customer outcomes…Through our open, multi-cloud, and partner-led delivery approach, we provide customers with choice and solution completeness to accelerate industry-focused digital transformation.”

What are the requirements for Google Partner Certification?

The Google Partner Program was due for prospective partners on June 30th and took effect on July 11th. Google breaks down the certification requirements into a handful of different categories.

 This is what it looked like for Digital Renegades:

Annual Business Plan

Google Workshop partnership requires that any certified partner submit an annual business plan to outline how they are best going to grow their business and uphold professional standards to best serve their clients.

Certification through Skillshop

Google Partner Certification requires that analysts within our company be certified through Skillshop. Skillshop is a hub of additional training modules and testing outside of Partner certification provided by Google. As for Digital Renegades, employees have completed and passed their Skillshop Certification with a group passing average of over 90%.

What does the recertification process look like?

As part of the recertification process, we met sales credentials and technical certifications in line with Google’s requirements. In this process, each category must be held by a different team member. Once this is done, the team must pass a series of courses through Skillshop and complete a final assessment with a satisfactory team score.

Why is it important?

The Google Partnership Certification ensures that here, at Digital Renegades, we will stay on top of new marketing tools, invaluable training, and digital initiatives. We take great pride in this accomplishment, knowing that not only will it benefit the company, but more importantly, it will benefit our clients.

What are the Benefits? 

Our direct benefits include:

  • Access to Manage and Serve Clients Accounts
  • Limited Discounts for New Clients
  • Additional Account and Technical Support
  • An entry in the official Google Partner Directory
  • An official Google Partner Badge
  • Competitions & Rewards through the Google Partner program

Google Workshop Partner Profile: Digital Renegades

Business owners need website solutions that are reliable, hassle-free, and customized for their company’s unique needs. But with so many website developers to choose from, how do you know who to work with? Digital Renegades is a digital marketing and web solutions company, specializing in high-caliber websites and excellent customer service. Unlike other agencies, we don’t send the coding to another company and then hand it back to the client. Instead, we’re intricately involved in the process from start to finish. 

We are the difference between painting your home with 30-year paint or 5-year paint. They both look great on day one but after a year, one of them has faded and shows cracks. Our sites have fewer points of weakness due to slimmer, more efficient code. We also use fewer plugins than our competitors due to our ability to craft a custom solution. As a result, our sites have less bloat, are less likely to break from plugin updates, and are faster. 

To top it off, with our website care plans, business owners never even have to log in to WordPress. Since we often handle issues before clients are even aware of them, they have the peace of mind they need to focus on running their business.

What does it mean for our clients?

Google Partner Certification is a stamp of approval and achievement for Digital Renegades. The benefits for our clients are immense. For our team, Google Partner Certification means that everyone on our team can stay up-to-date on the newest product education through Google to be ready to take our clients’ marketing needs to the next level. Expanded and expansive consumer insight reporting guarantees that our work is at its most impactful for our client’s business needs.

Our certification as a Google Workspace partner ensures that we have all the tools to service and manage accounts on behalf of our clients. And for new clients, we are able to offer limited discounts on some of Google Workspace’s services.

Another valuable asset gained in certification is the direct line to Google support. This invaluable benefit offers our clients help and peace of mind should any questions or concerns arise. On our end, it ensures that everything we do for our clients is also backed up by 24/7 support.

What does it mean for our future?

Digital Renegades will continue to provide stand-out, personalized service for current and future clients. Our Google Partnership status will provide us with even more tools to ensure our staff have additional support in crafting memorable and impactful bespoke web services for our clients.

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