Gathering Inspiration From Your Hometown of Orlando

April 25, 2022 / Kevin Abrams

Everyone has a soft spot for their hometown. So much so that a popular phrase we hear says, “Home is where the heart is.” Where a person grows up is a fundamental part of who they are. As a business owner, gathering inspiration from your hometown for various projects and products has benefits. It’s a simple way to bring about a refresh for your business as well.

For those who are looking to build a web presence in your hometown of Orlando, there is inspiration everywhere. Here are a few things you can gather inspiration from in Orlando.

Disney World

Walt Disney World is obviously a huge source of inspiration. The magic of Disney is the incredible artistry and creativity that is a part of everything they do. The park itself is full of light and color—from the characters in costumes to parades to fireworks. How does this translate to web design? You can use complementary color schemes and palettes throughout your website to draw in and engage viewers.

Disney is also widely recognized for its great customer service. Disney employees, or “cast members,” are trained to prioritize the guest experience. That means being kind and positive, showing guests the highest quality of care. Anytime cast members are visible to guests, they are directed to play into the magic by interacting with guests and handing out free merchandise, stickers, and fast passes.

Commitment to great customer service should be a part of your web presence. That means you should be active on your site or social media accounts. You should respond to complaints or questions in a timely manner. You should use a positive, kind tone with your audience. Like with Disney, it’s about the guest’s experience, not your own.

City Beautiful

Orlando is nicknamed “City Beautiful” and a great place for gathering inspiration. Between the 1890s and 1920s, the City Beautiful movement was a comprehensive urban planning movement. City planners, architects, and reformers designed public places to organize and beautify the city landscape, encouraging pride in their city. Although most influential in larger cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C., the impact is present in cities around the country.

You can gain inspiration from the connection between design and social issues. City planners found that improving the city without acknowledging those issues wouldn’t improve urban life in the long run. So, your website design should be well-designed and beautiful—poor layout, outdated content, and confusing navigation will turn people away within seconds of visiting your site.

Then, you should showcase your products and services that solve a problem or a question. Your business or organization may not directly address social or economic issues in the same way as the City Beautiful movement, but you don’t have to. Be inspired to incorporate your mission, values, and products into the beautiful web design to enhance the viewer’s experience and encourage engagement.

100 Lakes

Orlando is home to more than 100 lakes, which are valuable natural resources for residents.

Lakes are used for a multitude of reasons. They are great for recreational purposes—boating, fishing, and swimming–as well as for irrigation, water supply, and flood control. Additionally, Florida lakes are home to various wildlife like alligators, fish, and birds. Lakes are useful and valuable to so many. Use that as inspiration when targeting different audiences. Don’t try to do too much, otherwise, your site will look disorganized and confusing. However, there are some things to consider. Know your goals for each group. Keep the design simple and standard. Include what you can offer them. Taking time to understand and plan for different audiences will prove beneficial when designing your site. Be inspired by the cool tones of the water. Blues bring about feelings of peace and tranquility. Color psychology tells us that it’s a non-threatening color that signifies reliability. In fact, “Businesses that want to project an image of security often utilize blue in their advertising and marketing efforts.” Greens also inspire calmness and optimism. In fact, researchers think that green influences positive emotions and memories. So, you can influence viewers to see your business or organization a certain way by using cool colors in your web design.

Final Thoughts

If Orlando, Florida, is central to your “hometown pride,” there are a number of ways that the city can help when you are gathering inspiration. Don’t take theme parks, nicknames, and natural resources at face value. Take time to consider what these things stand for and how they make your city better. Then, allow those values to influence your business or organization, and find a way to incorporate them into your web presence. If you don’t know how to do that or where to start, let our team at Digital Renegades help. Contact us today!

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