How to Implement Powerful Facebook PPC

August 13, 2017 / Kevin Abrams

Is trying to create the perfect Facebook ad starting to drive you crazy?

Many Internet marketers are skipping the website in favor of PPC campaigns. One main benefit of PPC advertising is not having to manage the fine details that come with a website.

It is common to feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating the perfect Facebook ad.

Many experts today offer complete social media management packages to help to take the guesswork out of attaining Facebook PPC success.

Facebook receives an astounding 1.96 billion visitors each month. Creating the right PPC campaign means turning these visitors into your customers.

You don’t want to be stuck with Facebook ads that don’t convert. In this article, you will learn how to power up your current Facebook PPC strategy.

What is the Purpose of Your Facebook Ad?

Facebook will need you to select what your marketing objective is. To some, this might seem like an annoying question. But it’s one that needs consideration.

The three main sections you can choose from are awareness, consideration, and conversion.

It’s best to the ake time to brainstorm your ad’s intentions before delving too deep into these menus.

Targeting marketing efforts to your key demographics will help improve overall ad success. If you’re trying to sell a new service, you don’t want to waste an ad on promoting something unrelated.

Creating the Right Visual for a Facebook PPC Ad

The image of a smiling baby may draw eyes to your ad. If your website is automobile related, however, a baby won’t appeal to your target audience.

You want to match your ad visuals to your target audience. For example, images of supplements work well for fitness website ads.

Color is important when creating a Facebook PPC ad. You want an ad that has vibrant color without being too flashy and loud.

A Call to Action Often Works Well

No great Facebook PPC campaign is complete without a call to action. Creating a call to action doesn’t have to be rocket science.

An effective call to action is all about keeping it simple. What does your product or service offer that makes it stand out? This kind of information works well in a call to action.

A company selling SEO services might mention offering a free guide when you click the ad.

Another tip is to use simple language in your call to action. Nothing kills a click-through rate faster than writing no one understands.

Don’t Neglect the Immense Value of Mobile Traffic

Data collected in 2016 shows that 84% of Facebook’s ad revenue came from mobile advertisements. Advertising solely on desktop devices could mean missing out on many potential customers.

The smartphone ensures that more people have access to the Internet than ever before. Statistics show many of these users are using their mobile devices for Facebook.

Facebook is filled with handy features that help you resize and adjust the image for mobile displays.

Do you have questions about how to grow your Facebook ad campaigns? Feel free to drop us a line!

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