Proper Website Maintenance is Critical to Business Success

January 23, 2017 / Kevin Abrams

Your website is the keystone of your business’s online presence. Website maintenance plays a big roll in keeping your website up to date and running smooth. Forgoing website maintenance is similar to not changing the oil in your car. At first you will be fine, but after a while you will have problems, and at some point you will ruin your car. The same is true for your website. Your website should always be in ready, working condition to service your customers.

Website Maintenance is Not Only Updates

Yes, updates are important, but if you are not following through with further maintenance then you may be leaving money on the table. When customers go to your website and find something that doesn’t work right or perhaps even malware on your site they will leave rather quickly. Many website owners never check their website to see how it’s functioning. Missing website issues or downtime can lose you potential customers.

The Critical Benefits of Maintenance

Most people don’t realize the immense benefits of proper website maintenance:

The website’s overall performance – it’s load time, downtime and uptime – is all dependent on the WordPress software and plugins’ functioning as they should (and on the recent version).

Your website’s growth, fresh content, analytics monitoring and design changes all depend upon someone doing this work in a smooth and error-free fashion. It is critical that everything is done in an error-free environment. Simply hitting the update button can cause other plugins to fail due to compatibility issues.

How We Do It

At Digital Renegades we take important steps to protect your website. First we backup your website to our Amazon A3 Cloud servers as an incremental archival copy. In addition we check the website after each of our updates to look for any issues. We keep dynamic plugin records so if there is ever an issue we can trace the root problem and revert back to previous versions. Additionally in our website care plans we include security scans. In the event we catch a problem with your site it becomes a support ticket and our team goes to work fixing the issue before you ever know there was a problem.

Nightmares of Do It Yourself Maintenance

Websites are always changing. There will be traffic, emails, orders, and content updates. Maintaining a website for yourself could cost you time…more time than you have available. If you simply run the updates through your WordPress dashboard, you wouldn’t have a record of what was done. Without an archive of history, you cannot trace errors. If you did have a backup system, your backup might be old, out of date and if used, cause you to lose orders and customer data. Most of all maintenance requires time and knowledge. Do you have both?

Its More Expensive to Fix than to Maintain

Inexperience in the WordPress platform and neglecting the system over time can cause damage to your website. When this happens you can try one of two things, you can try to fix it yourself, or you can hire an experienced and expensive expert to fix it for you. Think of it this way…would you rather go to your dentist for annual cleanings or annual root canals?

Be a Renegade

Why not specialize in what you do best, run your business. Let Digital Renegades help you with what we do best. We have a vested interest in your business…the more you succeed from your website, the more you will love us. Would you get covered with oil or take your car to the shop for a change? Would you perform your own root canal? Therefore bringing on a team of professionals to maintain your website – that’s us. You are going to be saving yourself time, frustration and potential lost sales and visitors.

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