Everything You Need to Know About SEO Leads

July 30, 2017 / Kevin Abrams

In the wild, wild, west that is the internet, SEO serves as the equalizer that helps maintain the sanity.

If that metaphor got a little too out there, we’ll put it a bit more simply: SEO is what’ll keep your business visible and clients consistently flowing.

SEO leads to more and more visitors, and from there, more and more success for your business.

Let’s get into the various methods you can use to ensure that you’re using SEO as best as possible.

Use Content to Get SEO Leads

Search engines work by going through all the areas of the internet, pulling data, and cataloging them from there. This can be done by analyzing everything from the links on your page to the keywords used throughout the website.

That’s where SEO comes in. Making sure that you take the steps to make your website more appealable to search engines can do wonders for your traffic and client base.

Above all, having written content on your website will help out your SEO profile for a variety of reasons.

As mentioned, links and keywords are two of the biggest things that search engines are looking for when grading your website. Written content offers the opportunity to incorporate both in, as well as give the chance to show off your knowledge or personality.


You might think that placing a whole bunch of phrases on your website will boost you up instantly, but in fact, the opposite can happen. Search engines will penalize sites that are blatantly spamming keywords, and if you’re using a single word or phrase, you’re missing out on the chance to diversify your website’s profile.

Try to work them in as naturally as possible, and in addition, try to use as much as a variety as you can. You can use specific phrases, such as the type of your business along with the location of it, or you can look to incorporate long-tail keywords, which are basically multi-word keywords that are more specific than a single worded keyword.


Links keep the internet together, and if you want to build your SEO leads up, making sure you have proper linkage is a great step to take.

Make sure that not only are you linking out to relevant websites, but that websites are linking back to you. Obviously getting people to link to you is a bit more difficult without outside help, but you can start link building on your own.

As mentioned, blogs are the best way to get your SEO game on. Just like with keywords, don’t spam links, and keep them relevant and specific to your product and company.

Wrapping It Up

SEO leads to clients, clients lead to money, and who doesn’t like money?

By taking an active role in optimizing your website, you’re already making moves to move past your competition.

If you want to do more, or even look into other website services, come pay us a digital visit.

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