Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Connect With Your Customers

Managing Your Social Media Presence

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube… with so many social media outlets out there how can you possibly keep up with your business’s digital identity and still have time to run your business? This is precisely why Digital Renegades created social media management services. As with all of our services, we will take over your digital presence with the goal of making you worry-free. We will help your business grow by researching your target customer’s interests, then target posts across select social media sites to bring them to you.

Custom Dashboard

Enjoy a premium custom realtime dashboard, just for you, to check all your social media accounts in one place.

Research Targeted Posts

The posts we make are based on research about your business and the interests expressed by your followers, blending both to capture your audience.

Monthly Strategy Call

Get the most out of your social media with a 30 minute monthly social media strategy call with our experts.
*Business Plan Only

Diverse Platforms

Our management services target the most popular social media platforms… we work to get your business noticed.

Social Advertising

Reach your audience with professionally created ads, further targeting your marketing on both Facebook & Twitter.

Time Saving Support

Do not waste your time! Let us work for you and post your new photos on all the social media accounts. Open a single ticket with us and we will handle it.

Social Starter

$239 Per Month
  • No Annual Contract
  • Realtime Social Media Dashboard
  • 2 Social Accounts ?
  • 5 Posts a Week ?
  • Evergreen Leverage ?
  • One Week – Custom Posting Support ?
  • Optional Advertising Add-On

The Social Starter plan include five posts every week on the largest social media platforms. Customers will receive a link to their own customized realtime social media dashboard for status updates and tracking.

Personalized Social Media Dashboard

Available in Business & Small Business Plans

Realtime Analytics

We give you big picture analysis of your accounts so you can stay informed in realtime. Quickly reference all your social media activity and progress with just a glance.

Personalized For You

Your social media dashboard is built for your individual business. We won’t waste your time with information that is irrelevant to you.

Declutter Your Inbox

Why receive metric updates from every social media service under the sun? Do you really want more email reports? With a personalized dashboard the information you need is available in one place whenever you want it.