The Impact of Color in Web Design

May 12, 2022 / Kevin Abrams

Some studies have indicated that as much as 75% of snap judgments that consumers make about products are based on color. Different colors convey different feelings, emotions and can even create higher sales (or reduce them). Your Clermont web design agency understands the impact of color in web design and can help you put those colors to work for you.

Overall palette

There should always be a coherent theme in the selection of colors for your website. Colors that will be the dominant colors for the site and complimentary ones that can be used for variety, contrast, or to emphasize parts. Canva provides a free color wheel tool that helps users pick good color combinations. Picking the primary color for the site is possibly one of the most important choices that you will make.

So what do different colors tell us?


Red can convey a lot of things, ranging from passion and love to anger and aggressiveness. Red can be very effective, but trust your web designer if they tell you it is too much because it can become overwhelming. Bright reds are often good choices for food or entertainment companies, while dark reds convey authority and are popular with educational institutions and companies that sell high-end products or services.


Blue tends to convey trust, stability and calmness. It’s popular with financial institutions and government agencies. While red conveys a sense of urgency, blue says “pick your own pace”.

Dark blues indicate trust and intelligence, something a financial firm or healthcare company would want to convey. Light blue indicates creativity, something a tech company or creative firm would want to take advantage of.


Green is the center of the color spectrum, so it often represents balance to consumers, as well as nature. It can work for most companies but is especially popular for eco-friendly companies, wellness sites and organic products.


Yellow is often considered a happy color, conveying excitement, cheer and optimism. Sometimes used by creative companies, it’s a favorite for companies like travel agencies and those who focus on children’s products.


Orange can be an effective tool. It conveys urgency, but in a more subtle way than red. It also shows the cheer of yellow. It can be seen as confident and durable and is associated with a good value.


When people see purples they often think of luxury and sophistication. But shades can make a difference. Light purple can convey class and sophistication, while dark shades can evoke feelings of luxury and mystery.


Black implies sophistication, luxury and wealth. It can also represent authority and power. Black helps create a high level of contrast. Your web design agency can help you strike the right balance of black on your website.


White can be creative, classy, sophisticated, inviting, and friendly depending on the use.  If pure white seems over-powering, your web designer may suggest an off-white shade, like ivory. White allows the use of bright colors to create an attention-getting “pop”.

Your Call to Action

This could be one of the biggest examples of the impact of color in web design. There comes a time when you want the visitors to do something, whether it’s to make an immediate purchase, schedule an appointment, or request more information. This is the call to action (CTA). The CTA should be very visible, contrasting with the rest of the background. The size, shape and location of the CTA button will also make a difference. Your web design agency will have guidance for you and may even offer to test different combinations for you.

Audience Matters

It also helps to think about the audience you are primarily pursuing. Different colors and different shades may appeal to genders differently. Obviously a pink website would probably not be an effective way to sell chainsaws but could be a perfectly reasonable choice to sell a romance novel. Additionally, where your audience is located matters. If you are marketing to customers in different countries. White in one culture may represent purity, while it can represent death to another. When planning your brand logos and website, it’s wise to consider the impact of color. Contact us and tell us what message you want to convey. We can help your website be a more effective tool to help your business grow.

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