Top 5 Benefits of GSuite for Businesses

May 9, 2018 / Kevin Abrams

Google is one of the many companies out there that offer free tools and services, such as Gmail, Google Analytics, and Google Docs. As a business owner, these services are readily available as you start your business. But as you grow, you’ll want something that brings mobility, scalability, and flexibility into the mix.

That’s where Google’s GSuite Business Edition comes in handy. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the benefits of Gsuite to help you learn more about it.

1. Get a Business Email

With the upgrade, you can give your business a professional appeal. So, instead of using [email protected], you get to use [email protected] or [email protected]. Customers are likely to respond to your emails if you use a professional email rather than a free one.

The email is simply a professional version of Gmail, so no training is necessary. Keep in mind that your company owns the email accounts; not your employees.

2. Unlimited Storage Space

G Suite is a cloud-based platform, and it comes with unlimited storage for your photos, files, documents, and emails. Unlike the free Google Account, which has limited storage, the upgrade allows you to store every detail you want. Keep in mind that you can access them anywhere.

Typically, if you have four or fewer users, each gets a 1 TB of storage space. 1 TB can hold roughly over 17,000 hours of music. The suite also comes with data migration tools and services to help you migrate your data from your current storage solutions.

3. Improved Team Collaboration

The suite comes with apps that allow you and your team to work on the same documents at the same time. All document edits are shown in real time and are saved in the cloud. With access rules, you can give users editing capabilities and other roles to improve collaboration on projects, such as website care and SEO.

There is also an inbuilt chat system that you and your team can use to communicate and share ideas.

4. Enhanced Data Security

Thanks to Google Drive, you can store all your data safely in the cloud. You don’t need to worry about saving your files and documents on your computer and devices, which can lead to data loss when you lost them. Your information is stored in data centers around the world, and you can access it anytime.

If you have a remote team, all members can access the documents on the go. Just educate them on the fundamentals of cybersecurity when using the suite.

5. Cost Savings

For workplace organization, G Suite is one of the platforms out there that can’t be beaten. With just a reasonable monthly fee, you can enjoy eDiscovery capabilities, unlimited cloud storage, Open API, archiving, and audit controls. Plus, you only pay for what you need depending on the edition you want.

As of 2017, a basic edition is just about $5 per month. This offers you 30 GB of storage and other various features, such as shared calendars and security tools.

Benefits of Gsuite – The Takeaway!

Whether you’re a new business or large enterprise, GSuite offers some of the best tools for collaboration, organization, and security. Take the time to review the needs of your business and determine what edition best suits your business.

If this all sounds like a bit much for you to setup, we can help with that. We offer a managed GSuite experience. For a small monthly fee we can setup your accounts migrate your current email and manage any future email needs you may require. You get the best of GSuite with no complicated setup.

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