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October 25, 2023 / Courtney Pierce

You’ve done it. You spent hours crafting the perfect digital space in your corner of the internet, and it has finally been brought to life. You are getting new clicks and new visitors daily, and it is time to celebrate! But don’t get too carried away. The work isn’t over yet. The end goal of any business of any size at the end of the day is to make a profit, and your digital space is a tool to make that happen. Higher engagement in your digital spaces can equal higher sales outcomes. Here are some suggestions to help turn your web traffic into increased sales. 

Ensure Your Digital Space is Inviting and Easy to Use

Nothing is more irritating than a beautiful and organized digital space that is difficult to navigate or runs poorly. Your business’s digital space is just as important as any physical space it may inhabit. Whether as a storefront or a springboard connector for additional services, your space must be intuitive and easy to use if you want more people to spend their hard-earned money with your brand.

Engage With Your Audience  

You’ve got the traffic; now it is time to engage with your audience. Engagement can take many forms. The many social media outlets available today are the most integrated engagement platforms and easiest to track. 

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok are easily integrated into most web hosting services, including WordPress – which just so happens to be Digital Renegades’ particular area of expertise. Regular social media posts can help encourage interaction and brand awareness that will have customers coming back time and again. Posts should be planned with specific intentions and maintained with regular publishing schedules for peak effectiveness. (Partner with professionals to help plan your social media `post` and determine the best social media schedule for you and your business needs.) 

Finding the right tone for your approach is essential when engaging with your audience. Overall, tone is an integral part of brand building. Tone will set the expectations for your clients when reaching out to you. Do you want to sound informed? Insightful? Professional? Conversational? Perhaps educational? Or as making a presentation in your area of expertise? 

These are all things to consider when setting up your digital presence and preparing to ask for a sale. 

Bonus: Re-engage with Past Visitors

Bring repeat guests back with regular blogs & update schedules. Utilize a mailing list to keep your audience up-to-date and inform them of any specials or new offerings/services your business might have. Mobile push notifications can help remind your guests that you are there and waiting to help! 

Keep mailing lists and push notifications to a reasonable amount so you don’t overwhelm potential clients. We suggest these sorts of updates occur no more than twice a week and at least once a month. 

Additional Bonus: Limited Promotions

Want to attract new customers/clients? Consider setting up a coupon code or first-time offer for first-time buyers to encourage them to choose your brand. It can also be used as a welcome-back bonus to reattract customers who have been away for any given amount of time. 

Up Your G.A.M.E. 

In a pinch, your digital space should be able to pitch your goods/services and secure a sale, all with an intentional design.  

Take a moment to reflect if your digital space has G.A.M.E. 

Greet and Welcome 

Does your site Greet and Welcome your visitors? 

Use this greeting to establish tone. Do you want to make your site more relatable? Or do you want to show your expertise regarding your brand? Or maybe you want to help your visitors become more aware of both stated and unstated needs while educating them on how your brand will help them meet them. 

No matter what tone your brand decides to adopt, it is imperative that you craft this greeting with intention, as first impressions have great power in business. A welcoming digital space can create comfort and build trust with your consumer base in a way that encourages more sales. 

Answer Questions

Your digital space should answer your customer’s questions about your brand and the services you provide. Ensure you cover topics such as :

  • Contact information
  • Brand mission
  • Brand background or history
  • What sets your brand apart from others in your field 
  • Costs or quote connection opportunities
  • Brand Updates
  • Why your brand is the right fit for prospective clients

Make Suggestions 

Your digital space should be able to paint a picture for your clients of what it would look like to work with you. Use your space and updates to make suggestions to clients, current and prospective, of goods or services that you provide that create an opportunity to work with your brand, something that must be noticed. Be straightforward and don’t be afraid to let your space ask for the sale. 

Evolve with Your business needs.

Business and personal needs are rarely static. People are changing constantly, and your brand needs to be ready to evolve along with client needs to remain successful and relevant. Review your digital space regularly to ensure it meets your brand’s needs and expectations.  

Ensure Your Site Has Found the RIGHT Audience 

Finding an audience is important. Finding the RIGHT audience is the absolute key. Really look into the market you are trying to reach and meet them where they already are. If your audience responds well to newsletters, then put your focus on a well-done newsletter. If your main demographic spends a lot of time on TikTok, then get ready to dance with some short-form video brand-building. Meet your audience where they are at. Many social media platforms offer in-app sales and networking tools to expand your brand’s reach even more. 

Utilize User Review and Rating Tools 

The best advocates for your business are your best customers. One of the first things people do when looking for new goods or services is to google business reviews and see what other clients have been saying about a brand. Don’t be afraid to ask your loyal clients to leave reviews. Higher review counts also lead to better placement in the algorithm, allowing more people to see and have your brand recommended to them. 

 Be Willing to Change Course if an Approach Isn’t Working

If your digital space isn’t meeting your needs or expectations, be willing to change course. A/B testing can help determine what is working in your favor and what might be working against you. You want to ensure that the time and resources the you invest into your brand will have a higher R.O.I. than what you are putting in. There is a level of trial and error that you need to expect when building any brand, and flexibility is the best tool you can have in your arsenal to ensure your success: that and a team of passionate experts on your side. 

Utilize Traffic/Sales Conversion Software

Innumerable software plug-ins can get your data from your digital space to help you determine your traffic vs sales ratio. This data can be invaluable to help track sales trends and goals as you maneuver to make the right calls to increase sales for your brand. 

Google Analytics 

Google is a powerhouse, and its analytic software is no joke. It is crafted to be easy to integrate into any number of platforms for ease of use. 

Did you know: Digital Renegades was recently certified as a Google Partner?


Yoast is a powerful tool that can help track visitor trends and effectiveness in marketing tactics as well as raw sales. This plug-in focuses on SEO, which will help drive further traffic and visitability for your brand when appropriately utilized. 

Meta Business Suite

Many social media platforms already have trends and conversion software built into their apps and platforms once you reach a specific content/engagement target. Meta (Facebook, Instagram, BlueSky) has the Meta Business Suite Portal. This portal can show business growth, direct conversion rates, customer reviews, and more. 

Increased engagement 

Increased engagement all around is the best way to increase sales. With more opportunities to present your brand, build brand recognition and trust, and ask for sales directly from your clients, you will have more opportunities to grow your profit. 

Want to know more? Reach out to Digital Renegades today for a FREE consultation to see how our bespoke web services can help grow your business.

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