What Is Website Copy and Why Does It Matter?

May 9, 2022 / Kevin Abrams

Often, when a business or organization is starting to set up their website, their web designer will talk about “copy” or “content”. For the designer, that’s an everyday term, but it may be new to the client. Let’s look at the question: what is website copy and why does it matter?

What is Website Copy?

The short answer is that “copy” is the words on your website that persuade people to act a certain way. This could be listing the services or products you offer, telling customers how to contact you or why they should contact you. It is everything from the title of your webpage to the button clicked to set up an appointment.

Content is all kinds of wording or text to build up your audience, talk more about your company or help you be found during searches. It can also be videos, links and pictures. All copy is content, but not all content is copy. For the business owner, it’s ok to use these terms interchangeably. Your web designer knows what you mean, so don’t stress about it.

Why Does It Matter?

Website copy matters for a lot of reasons. Here are 5 reasons website copy matters:

1. The copy on your site shapes the visit.

When potential customers come to the site, what they read is as important as how the site looks. If what they read is clear and gives value, they will stay on the site and if they return. If the copy just drones on and on, repeating itself and creating mostly background noise, customers will often get bored and leave.

2. Copy can turn visitors into customers.

Good content can bring visitors to your site, but the goal is to convert them to customers. In the digital realm, well-written copy can do what a salesperson would do in person. It tells about your company, shows the visitor how you can provide what they want or need and then gives clear next steps.

3. Good copy helps you be found.

The marketplace is digital and search engines are the map people use to navigate it. While design, pictures and other content on your site have a part in how search engines find you, the copy is the biggest influencer. Your web designer will work with someone who understands copy and they will craft it to rank as highly as possible in search engine results. This practice, called search engine optimization (SEO), helps bring traffic to your site year-round, even when you’re not using ads or email campaigns.

4. Bad copy can hurt your business.

We aren’t necessarily talking about saying something that offends a visitor, although that is bad too. What this means is filling up a lot of space with empty words that end up wasting your potential customers’ time or, possibly worse, making it seem like you think they won’t even notice it. Online customers are savvier and savvier every day and they can recognize the difference between copy that adds value and copy that just creates virtual noise. Is it a big jump for a customer to see low-quality copy that just “checks the box” to begin to think that’s the kind of service you will provide to them? Even if they came to your site with the intention of buying, poorly written copy can turn a customer into a window shopper.

5. Copy can build relationships.

What’s better than gaining a customer? Most businesses will say that gaining a repeat customer is the answer. If your website copy provides value and answers questions for customers, they will come back. Well-written, informative content will add value to their visits and encourage more visits. That means the people who have already become satisfied customers will be the first to see your new service or product, even without a marketing campaign. When they have a new need or problem, they’re encouraged to find out if you have the solution before they ask other companies.

Our team of experts at Digital Renegades understands the importance of good website copy and we ensure that each website we build is optimized with well-written copy. If you want to learn more about how a custom website can help grow your business, contact us and let our team show you some options.

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