Your Web Designer will watch these marketing trends in 2022

April 21, 2022 / Kevin Abrams

The world of marketing is a constantly evolving field and keeping up to date on it can be the difference between a record-setting year and closing down a business. Your Groveland-based web designer will watch these marketing trends in 2022 and help your business stay competitive.

1. Zero and first-party data

If you are using platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for marketing, it is important to remember that you do not own that customer data, the social media platform does. Your connection to that audience is under their control. In addition, Google has announced plans to phase out third-party cookies that gather data in the next year. Your web designer can help you start planning for this now by helping you collect your own customer data. It can be through newsletters, offering downloads, access to podcasts, CRM tools or a host of other ideas. They can also help you make sure that your collection methods prioritize consumer privacy. Regardless of how you are collecting it, first-party data will be critical and being ahead of this trend can benefit your business greatly.

2. Storytelling can set you apart

It is tempting for a business to focus on their products and services and tell consumers how much better theirs are versus the competition. After all, you are proud of your business. While the occasional brag is ok, many companies are finding out that storytelling is a very effective marketing tool. Storytelling involves not just talking about the product but more directly talking to the consumer about the need for the product and how your company can solve their problem or meet their needs. It shifts the focus from your company to the consumer and makes their needs the most important part of the story. Your web designer can work with a copywriter to make your website tell a compelling story that increases your business.

3. Email still matters…a lot

With all the new trends in social media, video and other emerging technologies, it is easy to overlook email and view it as a tool of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. One survey found that 91% of the respondents considered email critical to the overall success of their company and 40% of companies planned to expand their investment in email. Why the resurgence in email? Experts point to three main factors: automation, privacy and personalization.

Much of the email process can now be automated. This is good for businesses, not just in terms of productivity, but it also helps ensure consistency with timing and coherence in messaging. Personalization is also key. Giving the consumer the ability to decide what types of emails they get or how frequently they get them not only gives them back control of their inbox, it makes them feel like their wants and needs are being respected and valued. It also makes it less likely that your emails will just get dumped in the spam folder or deleted unopened. For most people, the inbox is private, so emails respect that need.

The content of the email is still important. The same high standards you apply to your website should apply to your emails. When emails are well-crafted and engaging, they are more likely to build your business.

4. Social media stories

Social media stories are increasing in popularity. Stories are posts that last a short time, usually 24 hours, then disappear. Why are stories growing in popularity? Experts point to four main factors:

  • Customers feel like they are more connected to the brand with stories.
  • Stories can more effectively target people who want to see the content.
  • Companies can make stories feel more relational and genuine.
  • Stories connect with consumers on a deeper level than ads.

Stories can be live video that feels rawer and more organic than a heavily produced video, making the consumer feel like a friend peeking behind the scenes rather than a customer being sold a product. Some marketing pros use these stories to gather information (see trend #1) with interactive polls. Location and geofilters can also target your audience even more narrowly, stretching your advertising dollars.

5. Video is still trending

Video has been an important tool over the past few years, and it continues to be one of the top marketing trends in 2022. 80% of American internet users watch videos each month and 50% watch them daily. Video has become the cornerstone of many successful marketing campaigns and it can likely help your business too. Social media and streaming platforms have made it easier for advertising with video.

While YouTube is a popular video platform, it isn’t the only one or the only place to use videos. Videos can become part of your web page or be used with social media platforms. Some companies have found that their efforts can be multiplied by using the video in other ways. The audio could be used to create a podcast or it can be transcribed and published as a blog post or as downloadable content. As mentioned in trend #4, live videos can make your audience feel like insiders and deepen their relationship with your company.

Our Groveland- based team of experts at Digital Renegades are watching these marketing trends in 2022, as well as many others. Contact us today to see how we can help your marketing efforts keep your company competitive.

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